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Have you ever gone fishing in the ocean? It's really great fun! Jessi was excited

when she caught her first flounder. Everyone was so happy for her. Pop helped

her remove the hook and she put the fish in the ice chest. A little while later

Gwyneth caught a flounder, too, but she had to put her flounder back in the

ocean. It was too small to keep. She was very disappointed.  On that same trip,

Natalie caught a fish called a tautog (tog). It was big and fat but she had to put

that one back, too. It was not the right season to catch that species.

When you go fishing, you need to know the rules about each fish. Government

agencies and scientists make regulations that help protect each species of fish. If

we carelessly catch too many fish, a species could become endangered. This is

called overfishing.

Those who make these rules need to get information about the number and

health of the fish. This book tells the story of how the scientists from the Virginia

Institute of Marine Science work on a project called NEAMAP that is actually

Counting the Fish in the Sea and providing information that will help make

good laws.

As you travel along with the scientists in this book, keep in mind that the goal is

to return the fish back to the sea alive.

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