Monthly Archives: September 2016

Hurricanes & Stormy Seas

Hello Everyone,

Paul sent me an e-mail and asked me what happens to fish during a big storm. That’s a terrific question. Over Labor Day holiday, we had a tropical storm named Hermine park itself off the Jersey coast. It roared & roared, making huge waves and rip currents. Rip currents are very dangerous for swimmers and surfers because they are stronger than you are. They will pull you right out to sea. Then they let go. Someone caught in a strong current or undertow gets scared and then they try to fight but it is better to go with the flow until the strong pressure stops and then you can get back to the shore. I hope you won’t be foolish enough to go into the water when those kinds of conditions exist. Always obey the lifeguards.

For me, a storm is scary, too. The waters spin and spin like a washing machine. If I were to swim to the top of the ocean, I’d really get knocked around and probably get hurt. I have to dig in tight into the sand and hold on. The water can get saltier and heavier and some of my friends hide in a reef or patches of coral until it is safer to come out. The effects of a hurricane can be felt for days even after it moves away. I don’t like the big storms. Sometimes when it is not so pushy, it can be fun to ride the undersea currents. Just like you do on a raft or surfboard. We both have to be careful. The ocean is very powerful.

Take care, Paul.