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Hi, My Name is Sandy

Hello Boys and Girls,

I’m Sandy the Flounder. I live under the sea. I am a character just like Nemo, the Clown Fish from movie fame. My character, that’s me of course, wants to blog with you. I want to tell you all about life in the sea and help you learn how important the oceans and sea life are to your world.

Let me start by telling you about myself. I am a summer flounder. There is another kind of flounder, my cousin, called the winter flounder. I will tell you about him in another blog post. I am a very popular fish on the Atlantic Coast of the United States and I have a great role to play in the fishing industry here. I am in the new book called Counting the Fish in the Sea by Carolyn Miller. You can find a real photograph of me in the book with a scientist from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

I am not the prettiest fish in the sea. Nemo has beautiful stripes, remember? I am a grey-brown color with lots of freckles. I think you should know that my underbelly is greyish white and my freckled top side helps me to hide in the sand. I have two eyes. What’s interesting is that when I was a baby they were one on each side of my head, but now that I am older, they are both on the same side, the top side. Isn’t that fascinating? I can see everything when I am laying in the sand.

I’m not a very large fish, a flattie for sure. We flounder are usually 15 to 22 inches in length and some can weigh as much as 25 pounds. (Now that’s a FATTIE, not a FLATTIE) Sometimes bullies call me a ‘doormat.’ I’m dealing with that pretty well because I am very slippery and fast. I can live to be 20 years old…that’s really old in fish years.

Well it is time to get dinner, so I must say good-bye for now. Please ask me any questions you want to know about sea creatures and I will do my best to answer them for you. Tell me something about yourself as well. I’d love to hear from you.